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Charter Captain & Airplane Pilot Profile

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Donald Becker is the Director of Operations and Captain for DX Charter. He has been with DX since June of 2001.

Captain Becker was born in Houston, TX, raised in San Antonio, TX, completed a BS degree at SWT in San Marcos, TX and USAF pilot training in Laredo, TX. He completed 10 years of military active duty in the USAF logging more than 3,800 hours in the B-52 and 1,000 hours as a T-38 Instructor Pilot receiving Master Instructor designation. He has numerous military decorations.

Additionally, Captain Becker has served US Naval Aviation as a civilian Instructor in the Multi-Engine Pipeline, Flight Simulator and T-2C Buckeye for more than 5 years before leaving to fly as First Officer in the B 727 for a major airline.

Captain Becker, experienced in Part 135 operations since 1992 and Gulfstream Aircraft flights since August of 1999, has served as Check Airman on several different types of aircraft in Part 135 Operation. He has logged over 15,000 hours of flying time in all types of aviation including time as an aircraft owner, service in two branches of the military, corporate aviation, major Air Carrier, and charter.