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Price Quote for Gulfstream Aircraft Charter Flight

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If you need us to do a trip for you, please call or e-mail at dbecker@dxservice.com.

We charge a fair price with no hidden fees and inflated flight times. We will give you a fixed price or a price based on actual time flown. We fly around bad weather. We look for smooth air. And we try to anticipate airport or air traffic delays.

Therefore, if you need to get bids to assure yourself of a fair price, don't call us. We are a small company with a small, professional staff. Our prices are competitive and most of all fair. We are not dependent on keeping the aircraft flying at any price in order to stay available to fly. We have been in business a long time and plan to remain in business a long time. We will work with other Part 135 companies or brokers at NET/NET. However, we are not staffed for quoting trips for solicitors of the lowest price. Challenger aircraft have a lower hourly rate. If you have a price for one and your customer does not prefer to go in a Gulfstream, please do not call for a quote in a Gulfstream.