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Pricing Guidelines for Cost to Charter a Private Jet


Hourly Fees

DX charges are based on flight hours including relocating for pick up or return to Ellington Field, Houston after a drop off. Pricing can be guaranteed, based on an estimate of how long a flight will take, known as "Fixed Pricing". Or pricing can be based on actual time flown on the trip.

An estimate will be provided with the final invoice being based on the logged aircraft time in the Flight Management System of the aircraft. This time usually runs less than or very close to the estimated time baring unusual weather situations or air traffic delays encountered inflight.

Payment for all trips must be made in advance by wire transfer or cleared check. An American Express Credit card authorization will be required to ensure full payment after prepayment and invoicing has been accomplished in case additional charges are incurred or other arrangements must be made. The card will only be executed in the event of non payment by check after final billing has been issued.

Minimum Use Charge

There is a minimum use charge of two hours per day. The flying time for the total trip will be used to determine any additional charge for multiple day trips.

Example 1: A one day trip that actual or estimated flying time is less than two hours will be charged for two hours.

Example 2: A five day trip that logs 8 hours of actual or estimated flying time will incur an additional 2 hour charge less fuel burn for those two hours. (5 days multiplied by 2 hours = 10 hours minus 8 hours flown = 2 hours. 2 multiplied by the hourly rate, less an estimated fuel burn = minimum use charge for the trip) Assume the hourly rate was $5,900 per hour, fuel cost was $4.50 per gallon, and fuel burn was 480 gallons per hour. The calculation would be: $5,900 X 2 = $11,800.00 minus 480 X 2 X $4.50 = $7,480.00 minimum use charge.

Fuel Surcharge IF Applicable

With price of oil changing daily, a fuel surcharge will be added to total trip charges for flights more than 2.5 hours away from Houston or when additional fuel will need to be purchased before returning to Houston. That calculation is based on the difference in the fuel price at the refueling stop and the price of the fuel that was used to base the hourly rate prior to departure. That difference is then applied to the charted burn rate for the altitude and the flight leg length time. This prevents inflated fuel surcharges for the customer and an offset for the additional cost of fuel above the cost for the quoted rate, for DX. This will be an actual number, not a percentage rate or an additional hourly rate. Fuel burn decreases the longer a flight leg goes. Why pay a charge that does not reflect that fact?

Overnight Charges

These charges will be expenses incurred by the crew such as meals, hotel and transportation. For a three person crew the typical cost is $1,500.00 per night. For a two person crew the typical cost is $1,000.00 per night.

Flight Attendant Charges

For flights that require any type of meal service or meal preparation, or with passenger loads of more than 4 people, a flight attendant will be required. The charge for the flight attendant is $600.00 per day plus expenses as indicated above.


Facility Fees

There may be some additional costs to the customer not initiated by or in behalf of DX. These costs include ramp fees, FBO fees, landing fees or air space utilization fees.


Segment fees, excise tax, and any other taxes levied by a legal taxing authority will be passed on to the customer at actual cost.

Note: Charges not initiated by or in behalf of DX are passed on to the customer at actual cost plus 10% administrative charge. They will be included in estimates or fixed pricing and adjusted when actual invoices are received.

The current hourly rate is $5,900.00 per hour, with no hidden charges such as short legs, landings or cleaning.